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A2 International developed an unrivalled service for the processing and delivery of Steel, Aluminum, Chemical products. . The business is dedicated to providing customers with the highest levels of service – this includes rapid response on stock and technical and pricing enquiries through to delivery. Our key supply partners are world's leading mills for the manufacture of color coat and aluzinc products. The sales team at A2 International has a cumulative 100 years of selling experience, whilst each member of the production team averages 25 years in the steel processing industry.

Our Vision

With our broad supply baseA2 International can assure a stable and safe flow of raw materials to our customers. This proves a main benefit to just-in-time steel productions when it comes to unexpected events in transportation, labor or other circumstances which cause logistic delays. By providing steel industries globally with the correct metals on a timely basis, so that they can produce the steel to sustain a growing global population, A2 International is a key link in the international chain of growth.
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